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Festival Registration Examples

Registration Form Examples

Use this page to get a good idea of how to register for the Festival. The type of account you use is important. A parent account can register any number of student performers for the festival. A teacher account cannot register students for the festival. A student/participant account can fill out most of the forms, but if the student is under age 18, only a parent account can submit the registration on the web site.

Although you probably could register from a mobile phone, we have verified the forms only with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on a computer, not a mobile phone or a tablet. There are occasional display and functionality problems with Apple Safari browsers. With unlimited funds and unlimited time, we could fix that.

Parent Chooses an Account

A parent, when signed into their own parent account, can choose to register one of their children or themselves. (Yes, parents are welcome to perform in the Festival, too!)

If a student opens the form from their student account, they will not get this page.

A New Registration

Assuming you have created a parent account and a child account and the accounts are linked together, this page will show that both profiles have all the correct information. YAY!

Your registration is already saved, so if you ever want to come back later, it will always start where you left off, until you submit the registration.

Next, you will complete the General Information page.

General Information

Here, you must indicate that you have read the Syllabus. If you haven't read it, read it before you check the box. This is important.

Indicate the school name (or 'Home School'), and you can abbreviate 'HS', 'MS', 'ES', 'Univ.', etc.

Select a grade level, even if you are home schooled.

The red checks will change to green the next time you open this page if everything is complete.

Ready to Enter Classes

Your registration has been saved, and you are ready to Add a Class.

Adding a Class

After you select a division, you can select a class.

The grade level of the class must reflect the grade level in the General Information page.

Teacher's Name: You can enter a Sign-In name, or the last name, a comma, and a first name. The sign-in name is more reliable. Our software sometimes doesn't find the teacher just by name. Especially if you misspell it or leave out the space after the comma.

Select your instrument or voice, and enter the number of years you have studied this instrument or voice.

If you are going to use an accompanist, enter their name or even better, their Sign-In name. If you are not using an accompanist, enter 'none'. (This page requires an accompanist entry.)

Add Another Class

OK, let's add a Concerto class to this registration.

For the teacher, here we have last name and first name, and for the accompanist, we have a Sign-In name. (Actually, Michael Kysar does NOT really teach piano, or even play it very well.)

Ready to Submit IF...

Looks like this registration is ready to submit, IF you have included all the classes you want to prepare for, and IF you aren't going to change your mind on what pieces to play, then the next step is to go to the Registration Summary page and verify that all the information there is correct and complete.

Summary Page Ready: Parent's View

When the registration is ready to submit and you view the Registration Summary page from a parent account, the top part of the form will display this big yellow button.

Only parent accounts can submit registrations for minor children. If the student is 18 or over, they can submit their own registration.

Summary Page Ready: Student's View

When the registration is ready to submit and you view the Registration Summary page from a minor student's account, the top part of the form does not display the big yellow button. If you are a parent and the button does not appear, you are not signed in to your own account.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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