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Syllabus - Rules & Eligibility 2017

  • All individuals and ensembles that are in a regular program of music study under a recognized teacher or director for at least one year are eligible to enter the Festival.
  • All entrants must be non-professional.
  • Classes are determined according to school grade except the College/Adult classes. Home schooled students and college students who are 18 or under may enter and be adjudicated with the class closest to their age group.
  • Every performer must enroll in a solo class with a solo piece. Concertos are not solo pieces. Students may also enter a Concerto Class and/or an Ensemble Class. Students entering a Concerto Class must first enter a Solo Class. For solo repertoire, a solo piece is any piece that does not have the word "concerto" in the title or sub-title.
  • All students living in the greater Seattle area are eligible to enter the Festival. However, there is a limit to the number of students that can be accommodated in the available space and time. Registrations received after a division is full and has been closed will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations. No refunds will be made if a performer cancels, but those registrations not accepted because a division is full, will receive a refund.
    NOTE: In the 2016 Festival, all divisions closed early because of high enrollments, and a number of students were too late to participate in the Festival.


The registration form is available on this web site from January 21st through March 13th, 2017, through the Festival page. All registrations must be submitted on the web site and then printed, signed (by performer, teacher, and parent if under age 18), and mailed with a check for the class fees to PAFE. Payments can NOT be made through PayPal this year. If it is submitted on time and mailed on time, you can safely assume it will be received on time.

Before registering, performers must create a PAFE Sign-In account, and their teacher must also have a PAFE Sign-In account, and if the performer is a minor, one parent must have a PAFE Sign-In account before creating the student account. For more information about accounts, see the My Account page and the Sign-Up Form Examples page. Performers can enter more than one class, but all class registrations for an individual must be submitted with the one registration form. Everyone with a PAFE account will be required to verify their email account before using their account.

At least one member of duets and ensembles must have a Sign-In account on the PAFE web site, but each member of the ensemble must be listed in the registration for the ensemble class.

On the registration forms, entrants will list each piece they will perform, and must provide complete information about each selection. In the performance, no substitutions will be allowed, but pieces can be performed in any order. Time limits specified in the class lists are the maximum time allowed. Performers may cut portions of their selections to fit within the allotted time, or they may choose to play the pieces in their entirety and be stopped by the table monitor or adjudicator when their time is up. There is no penalty for going over time and being stopped.

Adjudication Procedure

Attire - Performers are encouraged to wear appropriate attire for their performances. Please avoid jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc.

Performing - When called to perform, the performer will give a copy of the music opened to the correct page to the adjudicator. The performer will introduce their accompanist, if any, and announce the title and composer of each composition before performing it. The performers will pause between selections and wait for the adjudicator's signal before continuing. The adjudicator or table monitor may or may not enforce the time limit, depending on the schedule.

Oral Adjudication - At the end of each class section, the adjudicator will give an oral adjudication. Everyone participating or attending a class is required to stay until the class is dismissed, unless they have obtained permission from the table monitor before the class begins.

When oral adjudications are finished, each performer will receive a copy of the adjudicator's written comments, and performers can retrieve their music from the table monitor. PAFE is not responsible for any loss of music or of the adjudicator's comments. Adjudicator valuations are final, and not open to negotiation.

Parents and Teachers - Parents and teachers may attend the adjudications as space is available, but under no circumstances are they to make any comments during adjudications or question adjudicators or the adjudicator's decisions at any time during the festival. Taking pictures or making recordings is not allowed during the adjudications because it is disruptive to the students while they are performing.

Concerto Competition

Students in Grade 7 and above who are participating in a concerto class are eligible to be chosen as finalists for the Concerto Playoff Competition on April 21, 2017. Finalists are chosen by the adjudicators. At the Playoff, a distinguished panel of judges will select first place, second place, and third place winners. Each award is accompanied by a cash award as well. The judges' decisions are final.

If possible, students chosen to compete in the Playoff Competition should prepare a reduction of their concerto that is within the maximum time limit for the Playoff. PAFE reserves the right to stop the contestant before his or her piece is finished if the time exceeds this limit. There is no penalty if the performer is interrupted before finishing their piece.


PAFE will issue First Place, Second Place, and Honorable Mention certificates in each class, based on the adjudicator's recommendations. Note that adjudicators are not required to identify a First Place winner in every class, and if a class is unusually large, there may be more than one First Place winner. In addition, each adjudicator will select one performer or group from the Solo or Ensemble classes that they have adjudicated for an Outstanding in Division award. These performers will receive a certificate and a monetary award.

Results will be posted in the Fellowship Hall approximately 15 minutes after each class finishes. Honorable Mention and Second Place Certificates will be given out at this time. Results will also be posted on this web site and through Twitter (@PAFEMusic #awards) as soon as they are available.

For Solo and Ensemble classes, all First Place awards and certificates for other awards will be presented at an Eastside Festival Artist's Concert on April 29th or 30th, 2017.

Eastside Festival Artist Concerts

Four Festival Artist's Concerts will feature students receiving First Place and Outstanding in Division awards from their adjudicators.

Only solo or ensemble pieces will be performed as chosen by the student and adjudicator. Concertos will not be played due to time limitations.

The concert programmer reserves the right to choose the selection for the program to avoid duplication and to keep the concert length reasonable.


A performer whose performance requires an accompanist must include the accompanist's name with their registration. If a piece was composed to be performed with accompaniment, then an accompanist is required. With the exception of the Opera class, performers must provide their own accompanists. No mechanical accompanying devices of any kind, such as CD players or MIDI players, are allowed.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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