Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside

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Violin-Viola Division 2018

Festival 2018
Syllabus - Rules
Chairperson: Susan Evans
Class Grade Time Fee
Solo Section
S01 Preschool - 4 5 min. $40
S02 5 - 6 6 min. $40
S03 7 - 8 8 min. $45
S04 9 - 10 10 min. $45
S05 11 - 12 10 min. $45
S06 College/Adult 12 min. $50
Concerto Section
S07 Preschool - 6 8 min. $40
S08 7 - 8 10 min. $45
S09 9 - 10 15 min. $45
S10 11 - 12 15 min. $45
S11 College/Adult 15 min. $50
Ensemble Section
S12 Preschool - 8 8 min. $50
S13 9 - 12 12 min. $50
S14 College/Adult 15 min. $50

This Division is now Closed

The registrations for the Violin-Viola Division have reached capacity, and any new entries will automatically be waitlisted at no charge.  There may be some openings in late February or early March, and then we will accept waitlisted entries, so go ahead and register, but you will have to wait until we know we have space.  There is no charge until your entry is accepted.

Solo Section

Each performer will play one or two selections of contrasting styles. Concerto movements may not be played as solos. All selections must be played from memory.

Concerto Section

To qualify for the Concerto Section, each performer must also enter a class in the Solo Section with appropriate solo repertoire. Performers are expected to play, from memory, one or two movements of a standard concerto repertoire work. An accompanist is required.

Ensemble Section

An ensemble should be registered in the class that corresponds to the age of the oldest member of the ensemble. Names and instruments of all member of the ensemble shall be listed on the registration and the ensemble name.  Only one registration and entry fee is necessary for the ensemble.

  Violin-Viola Division Adjudicators

Adjudicator biographies for Violin-Viola Division adjudicators for 2018.

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