Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside

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Woodwind Division 2018

Festival 2018
Syllabus - Rules
Chairperson: Ling Wen Teng

Woodwind Division Classes

Class Grade Time Fee
Solo Section
W01 Preschool - 6 6 min. $40
W02 7 - 8 8 min. $45
W03 9 - 10 10 min. $45
W04 11 - 12 10 min. $45
W05 College/Adult 10 min. $50
Concerto Section
W06 Preschool - 8 8 min. $45
W07 9 - 10 12 min. $45
W08 11 - 12 12 min. $45
W09 College/Adult 12 min. $50
Ensemble Section
W10 5 - 8 8 min. $50
W11 9 - 12 10 min. $50
W12 College/Adult 12 min. $50

The Schedule is Finally Available

Your individual schedule is now ready for you at PAFE Schedule Information. Sign in on that page with your email address, and click My Activities.

The entire Woodwind Division Schedule is also now available in PDF format. If you have a conflict or problem, send email to the Woodwind Division Chair.

At this date, no changes can be made to the schedule. If you need to perform earlier or later during the class, speak to the class table monitor person when you arrive, NOT to the adjudicator. Pieces can be performed in any order you want.


In recent years, we’ve been delighted to have an increasing variety of woodwinds and hope that will be the case again this year. We can accommodate only 50 woodwind entries. The deadline for registrations is February 29, and the festival schedule will be posted at least two weeks before the festival begins.

Solo Section

Each performer will play one or two selections of contrasting styles. Concerto movements and compositions written to be played with orchestra may not be played as solos, except for those instruments for which there is insufficient extensive solo literature, such as oboe, bassoon, piccolo, etc. Although compositions played in the Solo section need not be memorized for adjudication, students are strongly urged to memorize their music.

Concerto Section

To qualify for the Concerto Section, each performer must also enter the Solo Section with appropriate solo repertoire. Performers will be expected to play from memory, one or two movements of a standard concerto repertoire work.

Ensemble Section

An ensemble should be registered in the class that corresponds to the age of the oldest member of the ensemble. Names and instruments of all members of the ensemble shall be listed on the registration and the ensemble name. Only one registration and entry fee is necessary for the ensemble.

  Woodwind Adjudicator 2018

Adjudicator bio for the Woodwind Division, 2018.

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