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Award Winners for the 2011 Festival

Concerto Competition Winners:
Charles Lu, Candy Chang, and Myron Pak.

PAFE Concerto Playoff Winners

What a fun concert on April 27th!! Every one of the young people who performed in the Concerto Playoff concert did outstanding work! There were familiar works with favorite melodies, and some delightful works that may be performed less often, but are no less worthy of hearing again and again.

First Place: Candy Chang (16) on flute, playing the third movement of the Jacques Ibert flute concerto.

Second Place: Charles Lu (15) on piano, playing the second movement of Sergei Prokofief's Piano Concerto No. 3.

Honorable Mention: Myron Pak (17) on double-bass, playing the first movement of the Giovanni Bottesini concerto.

Congratulations to all the winners, and all the others who were selected for the Concerto concert because they won first place in their class.

Special Awards

The Josephine Bryant Memorial Award for Piano went to Charles Lu. For Best of Division: Piano, the winners are Megan Lu and Tiger Lee.

In the String Division, the Edgar Borup Memorial Award for Violin was won by Dong Hee Lee. The Best of Division: String awards went to Zhao Hui Grubb and Hana Cohon.

The Best of Division: Woodwinds award was won by Fred Kim.

The Best of Division: Harp award was won by Charlene Chin.

The Helen Jensen Memorial Award in Voice was awarded to Becky Peterson, and the Michael Mitchell Award in Opera was awarded to Roland Ken Sabalza.

Recognition Concerts

Forty-five musicians, divided somewhat equally between four recognition concerts, represented those who gave the finest performances in the solo classes of the Festival. If you weren't there, you should have been there! Every performance was wonderful!

Three of the recognition concerts honored a special guest artist that has performed or otherwise participated in the twenty-five-year history of PAFE.

Saturday, May 14th Concert #2 at 5 PM featured violinist Annie Wong. Annie was a Concerto finalist in both Piano and Violin Divisions, and is a past winner of both the Borup Memorial Award and the Bryant Memorial Award. Annie is preparing for her senior recital at the University of Washington, and is at the peak of her abilities. Exciting!

Sunday, May 15th Concert #3 at 2 PM featured cellist Frances Walton. Frances is a past adjudicator for the String Division, and twice has adjudicated the Concerto Playoff Concert. For five years, she also served as an advisor to the PAFE board, and is the sister of PAFE Archivist, Barbara Miller. Now in her 80's, Ms. Walton played a movement of Bach's second unaccompanied cello suite. She was charming and gracious, and what a wonderful and inspiring musician.

Sunday, May 15th Concert #4 at 5 PM featured soprano Jacinta McLachlan. Jacinta won the PAFE Opera competition in both 1987 and 1988, and continues a distinguished career as a teacher at Seattle Pacific University with strong professional experience in recitals, opera, and musical theatre. As a teacher she has submitted students to our Festival since 1994, and four of them have won awards. Her student, Rachel Deshon performed in the festival and won the outstanding high school singer then a year or two later won the Michael Mitchell Award. She went on to win the Marvin Hamlisch National Voice Competition. Jackie sang a wonderful tribute to long-time PAFE board member, Richard Engstrom, while holding his hand, and stunned the audience with a quiet and touching Broadway song where a mother says, "the music goes on and on, yet my son is still gone."

Congratulations to all winners, and a special thank you to every performer who shared their music with us.

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