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Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside Celebrates 25 Years!

Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside Celebrates 25 Years!

The Phantom of the Opera was playing its first year on Broadway, and PAFE was holding its first festival in April 1987 at the First Presbyterian Church in Bellevue. The ballet competition was held at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, and there were two recognition concerts.

Peggy Myrick, founder, had been urged by local music teachers to resume an eastside adjudication program for students of the arts. The new organization’s first president was Walter Banton, and the first set of adjudicators included Calvin Knapp, piano, Charlotte Vane, piano, Frances Walton, strings, Felix Skowronek, woodwinds, Barbara Coffin, voice, and Flemming Halby, ballet.

There were 242 students from 66 teachers that first year, and the participants included the Lake Washington Singers. Award monies totaled $500. The first PAFE Board included Barbara Miller, Peggy Myrick, Richard Engstrom and Walter Banton.

Fast Forward 25 Years to 2011

The Phantom is still lurking backstage in a theatre somehere, PAFE is celebrating its first 25 years, and Richard Engstrom is still on the board.

We expect well over 400 performers this year, with online registration and most of our communication via our new web site at There will be four recognition concerts, a Concerto Playoff Competition, and award monies totaling $2000.

President Judy Thiel said, "None of our success in providing adjudication and performance opportunities for young artists over these 25 years could have been accomplished without the solid support of the music teachers in the greater Seattle area. We salute them and all the many volunteers who step forward every year in support of young students of the performing arts."

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