Voice Division

General Information

Voice Division Class Schedule is Available NowAlthough there may be some changes before April 8th, the schedule for the Voice Division can be found at Voice Class Rosters.

Voice Division Chair can be found here.

Syllabus – Rules can be found here.

Voice Sections

All selections are to be performed from memory, and each performer must provide their own accompanist, with the exception of the Opera Master Class, where an accompanist will be provided.


Each performer participating in a Voice Division class with a specified repertoire (see the Rep column in the class list) must perform two pieces from these general repertoire categories:

  • Standard Repertoire (ST): Songs that are generally considered as Art Songs from Baroque, classical, semi-classical, and romantic periods. Other than songs from early Baroque operas, operatic arias are not appropriate in this repertoire. Pieces can be sung either in the Solo or Ensembles sections.
  • Musical Theatre Repertoire (MT): Concert versions of songs from operettas and musical theatre, and can be sung in either the Solo or Ensemble sections.

Solo Section

If a repertoire is specified (does not indicate “Any”) for a class, each performer will perform two songs of contrasting styles from the specified repertoire. For classes V01 and V02, each performer will perform one or two songs appropriate for their age, voice, and skill. Operatic music is not appropriate.

For the Solo V07 class, each performer will be expected to sing one Standard Repertoire piece and one Musical Theatre piece. One piece must be in a language other than English.

The Solo V08 class is for anyone 18 years or older, even those well over 55, who may or may not have had a lot of experience, but who want to sing for adjudication.

Ensemble Section

Each ensemble must have one person to a part, with two to four members, performing two songs of contrasting styles from the specified repertoire. An ensemble should be registered in the class that corresponds to the age of the oldest member of the ensemble. Names and instruments of all members of the ensemble, and the ensemble name, shall be listed on the registration. Each member must enroll for the ensemble separately.

Voice Classes

Class Grade Time Rep Fee
Solo Section
V01 3 – 5 5 min. Any $40
V02 6 – 8 6 min. Any $45
V03 9 – 10 6 min. ST $45
V04 9 – 10 6 min. MT $45
V05 11 – 12 7 min. ST $45
V06 11 – 12 7 min. MT $45
V07 College/Adult 10 min. ST & MT $50
V08 Adult 10 min. Any $50
Ensemble Section (Fee per member)
V09 3 – 5 6 min. Any $25
V10 6 – 8 6 min. Any $25
V11 9 – 12 7 min. MT $25
V12 9 – 12 7 min. ST $25
V13 Adult 12 min. Any $25


The adjudicators for the Voice Division can be found here.