Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside

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Festival 2018

2018 Festival Schedule

Easter: April 1, 2018
Registrations: Jan. 2 - Feb. 26, 2018
Adjudications: April 2 - April 7, 2018
Concerto Playoff: April 6, 2018, 7PM
Eastside Artists Concerts: April 14 & 15

For the 2018 Festival, PAFE is no longer using our in-house computer system for registrations and management. Do not try to sign in with your old PAFE account.

Before you register, you must read the Syllabus 2018, then look at the Division pages, and when you are ready, click on the red button. This is the only way to register.


  Syllabus - Rules & Eligibility 2018

READ THIS FIRST! Syllabus, rules and eligibility requirements for the 2018 PAFE Festival.

  Directions to the Festival

Directions to the Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church, where all Festival events will be held.

  Piano Division 2018

Piano Division of the 2018 PAFE Festival

  Violin-Viola Division 2018

Violin and Viola Division of the 2018 PAFE Festival

  Cello-Bass Division 2018

Cello-Bass Division of the 2018 PAFE Festival

  Woodwind Division 2018

Woodwind Division of the 2018 PAFE Festival

  Voice Division 2018

Voice Division of the 2018 PAFE Festival

  Concerts Division 2018

Concerts for the 2018 PAFE Festival

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