Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is eligible to enter the Festival?
All individuals and ensembles must be in a regular program of music study under the direction of a teacher or director who is a member of the PAFE Teachers Program. Students are required to have  studied for a minimum of one year under a teacher.

Anyone living in the Greater Puget Sound area  or are studying with a PAFE teacher in said area may  participate in the Festival. There is however a limit to the number of performers we can accept due to the size restrictions of our host facility. Those who enroll and pay their fees early are more likely to get into the Festival.

You can perform in the festival at any age as long as you are studying with a PAFE teacher. Virtually all teachers work with students of all ages.

What information do I need in order to enroll in the Festival?
Read the Syllabus – Rules & Eligibility. All Participants are required to read and understand the Festival rules before they sign up to participate in the Festival.

All students under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission to participate in the Festival. In addition, a parent or guardian is required to fill out the online registration information for their student.

Each Registration account must have a complete Profile (parent first, then student participant), include the following:

  • Full name
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Home address with City, State and Zip code
  • At least one valid phone number
  • The student’s birthdate, school and grade level. Home schooled children must follow the Bellevue School District guidelines for grade determination.

After your profile is complete, you can enroll in the Festival,  You will need the following:

  • Ensembles must have a name (e.g. “Fooble Trio”), and all members must enroll separately.
  • The name of the student’s music teacher.
  • The full title (including Opus numbers) of the pieces you will perform, and the full name of the composer of each piece. (Only the last name for a composer is not appropriate)
What are the dates of the next Festival?

See the PAFE Home Page for a calendar of Festival dates.

Registration/Enrollment Questions

What if I can't remember my sign-in name or password from my previous sign-up?
If you signed up last year, your contact information will have been retained in the system. Use your parent e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot my password?” link to reset it. If there are multiple family members signing up. they can all login with the parent’s email address.
Can I enroll and pay fees with any credit or debit card?

Our payment processor only accepts Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Must each member of an ensemble enroll separately for the ensemble class?

Unlike years past, yes, each member of the ensemble must enroll separately. The first member must enroll in the Primary member class. The remaining members must enroll in the Additional members class once the Primary member tells them we are ready for them. More details can be found in the Registration/Enrollment section of the Syllabus.

I am a Teacher. Can I enroll my students?

No. Teachers cannot enroll their student unless they are the parent of that student. Students younger than 18 must be enrolled by their parent or guardian. Older students may enroll themselves.

Adjudication Questions

Can Teachers see the enrollment information for students?

Yes. During our registration period, all Teachers will receive periodic e-mails notifying them which of their students have signed up, what classes they are enrolled in, and what pieces they will perform.

When will the students be notified of their performance times?

The schedule will be available on the PAFE Website no later than two weeks before the start of the Festival. The student (or parent) will sent an email once the the schedule is posted.

Will PAFE also notify the student's teacher?
The class schedule will be available on the PAFE website for all to access prior to the start of the Festival. The teacher will sent an email once the the schedule is posted. If you have special requests, please notify the division chair at the time of registration.
What about accompanists?
If your performance piece was created with an accompaniment, you must provide your own live accompanist. Recordings are not allowed for accompaniment. PAFE will attempt to schedule around accompanist conflicts but makes no promises due to the large number of participants involved in the Festival. Students must keep their accompanists informed where and when to attend. PAFE will not be directly communicating with accompanists.
What Awards are there for performers in the Festival?
For details on the awards PAFE issues, please see the PAFE Awards page.

Concert Questions

Who is eligible to play in the concerts?

Division First Place winners in all 7th – 12th grade Concerto Classes (9th – 12th for Woodwinds) are automatically eligible to perform in the Concerto Concert to vie for monetary awards. Adult Concerto winners are not eligible for performing in Concerts.

First Place winners in all other classes and grades are eligible to perform in the Artists Concerts the week after the festival.

Winners are asked to sign up immediately after the awards are announced during the Festival.

Can cell phone or other audio or video recordings be made at concerts?

The PAFE photographer will videotape all concerts. Because of the competitive element of the Concerto Concert, no cell phone, audio or video recording will be allowed at that concert. 

Parents and family are allowed to make audio or video recordings at the Artist Concerts.

Am I responsible for scheduling my accompanist at Festival and Concerts?

Yes. The performer is responsible for scheduling and paying their accompanist for concerts. PAFE will attempt to schedule around accompanist conflicts but makes no promises due to the large number of participants involved in the Festival.