PAFE Teachers Program

For the 2019 PAFE Festival, we were pleased to have provided services for the more than 100 music teachers of our performers. We look forward to once again providing support this year. To ensure students are prepared to participate in the Festival and that they have selected appropriate pieces, we require them to work with a teacher. All teachers must join or renew their membership in the PAFE Teachers Program, which costs $25 per year. Once you have completed your membership, students may register and select their teacher. Teachers may not sign up students directly.

As a member of the PAFE Teachers Program, teachers will receive regular reports on their students’ enrollments, updates on the Festival schedule, and notices of any awards students have won. We ask that you work with your students to ensure they pick appropriate pieces before they enroll, as no changes are allowed once they have enrolled. We also ask that, once we send the finalized schedule, you work with your students to ensure their accompanists know when and where to be.

There have been some changes to the Syllabus, so be sure to read it. For important dates, please see the calendar on the PAFE Home Page.

Returning Teachers

If you were a member of the PAFE Teachers Program for the previous Festival, you should have received a request to renew in November. Once you have received this, and want to renew, go to our online registration site at and click “Login.” Once you have logged in, follow the instructions below for renewing your membership.

New Teachers

If you are a teacher who has not yet signed up, you should first join the PAFE Teachers Program. Go to our online registration site at Click or tap “Login” and follow the directions for registering an account for PAFE. Once you have done so and are logged in, follow the instructions below for joining the PAFE Teachers program.

Joining or Renewing

You may join or renew your membership in the PAFE Teachers Program once you have logged in as instructed above. Click on Home in the top or left-hand menu, then click on Memberships in the left-hand menu. Or, if the left-hand menu is not visible, try clicking on the hamburger menu icon in the upper right corner.

From there, you will see a link to PAFE Teachers appearing in the middle of the page. Click on this and follow the instructions found there.

If you or your students have questions or comments, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If that doesn’t resolve your questions, contact your division Chair or the Registrar.

We are so looking forward to seeing you and your students at the PAFE Festival.