Two different types of concerts take place during each Festival: Concerto Playoff Concert and Eastside Artists’ Concerts.

The 2024 Concert Programs are available here.

Concerto Playoff Concert

Students in Grades 7 – 12 who are participating in a concerto class (9-12 for woodwinds) are eligible to be chosen as finalists for the Concerto Playoff Concert. Finalists are chosen by the adjudicators and they will receive an email asking them to sign up for concerts after class placements are announced during the Festival.

At the Playoff Concert, a distinguished panel of judges will select first place, second place, and third place winners. Each winner receives a cash award as well. The judges’ decisions are final.

Students chosen to compete in the Concerto Playoff Concert have an 8-minute maximum time limit for their performance. Students are allowed to modify their music to fit within the time limit if they choose. PAFE reserves the right to stop the contestant before his or her piece is finished if the time exceeds this limit. There is no penalty if the performer is interrupted before finishing their piece.

Eastside Artists Concerts

Four Eastside Artists’ Concerts will feature students receiving First Place awards from their adjudicators. The concert chair reserves the right to choose the selection for the program to avoid duplication and to keep the overall concert length reasonable.

Awards & Certificates

For each Festival, PAFE issues numerous awards to recognize outstanding performances. These will be posted upon completion of the Festival classes and concerts.