PAFE Registration


Parents and students, welcome to PAFE! If you are new this year, it is important for you to register. You must do this before you can enroll in any classes. Students 18 years and older may register themselves. For younger students, we require the parent to register and then create accounts for each student. To register, go to our online registration site at

If you are a teacher, please go here to register. You may not register your students (unless they are also your children).

Enrolling in Classes

Once you are logged in, to enroll in classes:

  1. I can’t figure out how to enroll. Perhaps it can’t be done until we configure the classes.

To enroll in classes, go to our online registration site at Once you have logged in, click Home in the menu and you wil see a list of divisions. If you or your children have questions or comments about enrolling in classes, see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If that doesn’t resolve your questions, please contact our Registrar or your Division Chair from our Contact page.

We are so looking forward to seeing you and your family at the PAFE Festival.

Home School Grade Determination

For home schooled students, we still need a grade level in order to determine the class in which they belong. For this purpose, we base grade level on their birthdate and the guidance from the Bellevue School District. Use the Home Grade Calculator below to get an equivalent  grade level based on  your birthday.

Birthdate: Grade Level: