• Division Status
    NOTE: All divisions are closed and no longer accepting new registrations.

Covid policy: People are encouraged to wear masks, however there is no requirement for masks or proof of vaccination. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available.

If you participated previously, your registration account has been retained here. Once you log in, you will be able to update all information as needed (address, phone number, etc).

If you are new to the Festival, you will be able to select the link in the photo below to register when student registration begins. All registrations must be submitted online.

During the registration period, once an account has been set up, parents or guardians may register students in classes which can be reached by selecting the link in the photo. If you have questions about registering in classes, see the Festival Requirements page. If that information does not resolve your questions, please contact our Registrar or your Division Chair from our Contact page.

Please remember that students must be working with a teacher who is a member of the PAFE Teachers program. If you cannot find your teacher in the list for your class, please do not register. Please ask your teacher to check with our Registrar first.

If your student will be performing with an accompanist, it is important that the accompanist be a member of the PAFE Accompanist program. If you cannot find your accompanist in the list for your class, please do not register and ask your accompanist to check with our Registrar first.

If you are a parent accompanying your child, or have one child accompanying another, please register everyone in your family who will be an accompanist, as all accompanists must register in order to be selected by a student. To check that your teacher and/or accompanist has signed up, select the link in the photo.

During registration, parents must list each piece their child will perform, and must provide complete information about each selection. No substitutions are allowed after a student is registered, so please check with your teacher before you register to ensure that your selected pieces are appropriate for performing at the Festival. Dropping a registered piece is considered a change and is no longer allowed. During the Festival performance, no substitutions will be allowed but pieces can be performed in any order. Students may not perform a piece they have performed in previous Festivals.

Students registering in a Concerto Class must also be registered in a Solo Class. Note: All participants of an ensemble must register individually.


Ensemble division: To determine which division to register in, select the first rule below that applies:

  • If there are any vocal performers, register in the Voice Division.
  • Otherwise, if there are any woodwind instruments, register in the Woodwind Division.
  • Otherwise, if there are any string instruments, register in the Violin/Viola Division.
  • Otherwise, the ensemble should consist only of pianos and should register in the Piano Division.

Ensemble class: The class that all performers of an ensemble register in is based on the grade level of the oldest ensemble performer who is playing an instrument in the division (selected using the rules above). For example, if the ensemble is registering in the Woodwind Division, the grade level of the oldest woodwind performer, not the grade level of the oldest ensemble performer overall, is used.

Primary and Additional Ensemble Participants: One student for each ensemble is the “Primary” participant. This student registers first, selecting the division, the name of the ensemble and the piece(s) to be performed by the ensemble. After this student receives an email confirming the ensemble registration, the other students may then register as “Additional Participants”, by first selecting the ensemble name from a list of confirmed ensembles.

If you are unsure how to registrar your ensemble, let the Registrar know the grade level and instrument for each member, and they will help.