Awards and Certificates

All award details may be viewed here:

Class Placement Certificates

Each student who performs in a class during the Festival week receives a Certificate of Participation for that class. When students perform in multiple classes, they receive multiple Class Participation Certificates. The room monitors and adjudicators give these certificates to the students when they leave the class. Thus, every student has an acknowledgment that they were a part of the Festival.

PAFE issues First Place, Second Place, and Honorable Mention placements in each class, based on the adjudicator’s recommendations. Adjudicators are not required to identify winners in every class. Large classes are split into multiple sections. The adjudicator makes awards for each group of class sections. All sections with the same letter suffix in the class section code (e.g., “.A1” and “.A2”) are reviewed together.

Class placement results will be posted here as soon as possible after the last section in a class group is finished. Students who are awarded First Place in Concerto classes for grades 7 to 12 (9 to 12 for Woodwinds) are invited to play at the Concerto Playoff Concert. Students who are awarded First Place for Solo and Ensemble classes, and Concerto classes for grades Preschool to 6 (Preschool to 8 for Woodwinds), may perform at one of four Eastside Artists’ Concerts.

In addition, each adjudicator will select one performer or group from the Solo or Ensemble classes they have adjudicated to receive an Outstanding in Division award. These performers will receive a certificate and a monetary award.

Monetary Awards 

Each of the following placements receive a monetary component along with a certificate.  The Concerto Playoff students are eligible for First, Second and Third place awards.

In addition, each adjudicator selects one student to receive an Outstanding in Division Award. Adjudicators also choose students to receive Special Awards in each division. 

Presentation of Certificates and Monetary Awards

Students who are awarded First Place class placement certificates receive them when they perform at one of the concerts. The First, Second and Third Place Concerto Playoff award certificates and checks are presented to students at the Concerto Playoff Concert.

Special Awards are as follows:

  • Piano Division: Josephine Bryant Memorial Award for Piano, Judith Thiel Young Artist Award for Piano
  • Violin/Viola Division: Edgar Borup Memorial Award for Violin/Viola, Richard Engstrom Memorial Award for Violin/Viola
  • Cello/Bass Division: Francis Walton Award for Cello/Bass
  • Woodwind Division: Barbara and Stanley Miller Artist Award for Woodwind
  • Voice Division: Michael Kysar Award for Voice
  • Adjudicators’ Choice Awards
  • Star of the Future Awards
  • Concerto Playoff Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Awards