Parents, Guardians & Students

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    NOTE: All divisions are closed and no longer accepting new registrations.

Parents, Guardians and students, welcome to PAFE! We are so looking forward to seeing you all at the PAFE Festival. For general registration instructions go here.

Each family must have one account, created by a parent or guardian. This person will be the primary account contact and can create contacts for additional parents or guardians and for all students who will be participating in the PAFE Festival. This must be done before registering for classes.

If you signed up previously, your contact information is retained in the system. Use your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot my password?” link to reset it. If you have any questions, please contact our Registrar.

If you are a student, for legal reasons, we are unable to have students create accounts or register for classes themselves. The accounts must be created by a parent or guardian, who can then register students for classes. Please have them follow the registration instructions in the link above for creating the account and registering for classes.

Our payment processor accepts most major credit cards. If you have a question about a specific card, please email our Registrar.

Account Creation

Before registering any students in classes, a parent or guardian must create an account, which can be done by selecting the “Create an Account” link in the photo. Once you have created the account, you can add additional adults or children.

If you are a parent who will be the accompanist for your child, or you have one child who will be the accompanist for another child, each accompanist must register for the PAFE Accompanist Membership program in order to be selected by a student. 

If you need to add contacts once the account has been created, login using the link in the photograph, then select your name in the upper right hand corner, select “My Account” button, and “Contacts.”

If you are also a teacher or accompanist, after creating your account and contacts, please be sure to follow the instructions here to register in the appropriate membership program.

For home schooled students, we still need a grade level in order to determine the class in which they belong. For this purpose, we base grade level on their birthdate and the guidance from the Bellevue School District. Use the Home Grade Calculator below to get an equivalent  grade level based on  the student’s birthday.

Birthdate: Grade Level:

If you are a teacher or accompanist, please review the instructions here.