Teachers & Accompanists

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    NOTE: All divisions are closed and no longer accepting new registrations.

PAFE has membership programs for music teachers and for accompanists. In order to ensure we can coordinate with the teachers and accompanists of students performing in the Festival, we require that teachers and accompanists register for the appropriate membership program. 

To review your status or join a Membership program, select the link in the photo. If you haven’t yet created an account with PAFE, you can “Create an Account” on that page. 

If you are both a teacher and an accompanist, please be sure to register for both the “Teacher Membership” program and the “Accompanist Membership” program.

Registering for Membership Programs

Once you have logged in (or created a new account), you are ready to register for a membership program. To do so, choose the “Teacher/Accompanist Membership Division” in the “Select Division” dropdown, then click on the Search button. Select the Register button for the appropriate membership(s). For teachers, you will be asked to indicate the divisions in which you have students. If you are a parent registering one of your children as an accompanist, you will designate this person. Once you complete your registration, and it has been processed, you will receive an email with the subject “PAFE Membership Confirmation” indicating that you have been added to the appropriate lists.

For important dates, please see the calendar on the  PAFE Home Page.

Teacher Memberships

For the past few PAFE Festivals, we have been pleased to provide services for the more than 100 music teachers of our performers. We look forward to once again providing support this year. To ensure that students are prepared to participate in the Festival and that they have selected appropriate pieces, we require them to work with a teacher. All teachers must have active memberships in the PAFE Teachers Program, which costs $25 annually. Once you have obtained your membership, students may register and select you as their teacher. Please remember that teachers may not register students directly. This must be done by their parents or guardians.

Our payment processor accepts most major credit cards. If you have a question about a specific card, please email our registrar.

As a member of the PAFE Teachers Program, teachers will receive regular reports on their students’ registrations, updates on the Festival schedule, and notices of any awards students have won. We ask that you work with your students to ensure they pick appropriate pieces before they register, as  no changes are allowed once they have registered.

Accompanist Memberships

Starting in 2022, we added an Accompanist Membership program. Similar to the Teacher Membership Program, the Accompanist Membership program allows us to ensure accompanists are aware of which students have listed them as their accompanist. This will also let the accompanist know the pieces the student registered for, and once the schedules are available, communicate when these students are scheduled to perform.

In order to facilitate this communication, we require that accompanists have an active Accompanist Membership. There is no charge for this membership. If you are a parent accompanying your child, or have one child accompanying another, please register yourself or your child in the Accompanist Membership program in order to be selected by a student. 

Once you have received confirmation that your membership is complete you can find your name will be included on a page of Registered Teachers and Accompanists.

If you or your students have questions or comments, be sure to thoroughly read the Festival and Registration sections on the site. If that doesn’t resolve your questions, contact your division Chair or the Registrar.

We are so looking forward to seeing you and your students at the PAFE Festival.